HU-FRIEDY BAGETTE« - Self-Sealing Sterilisation Pouches

The new Hu-Friedy Bagette self-sealing sterilisation pouch line includes a variety of sizes created to fit all your sterilisation needs.
Four of the sizes were specifically designed to fit our line of IMS Infinity Series cassettes. And four additional sizes are available for other items including rubber dam clamps, burs, hand pieces and loose instruments.

Made of high quality medical grade paper and multi-layer plastic, the pouches include strong seals to prevent breaches and built in internal and external indicators for Steam and EO processes.

Feature and Benefits:

  • Process indicators are located both internal and external to the instrument/cassette area and respond to all variables: time, temperature and saturated steam.

  • Includes indicators for both Steam and EO processes - no need for offices to inventory different pouches for different processes.

  • Maintains sterility of contents for up to 1 year post sterilisation: Pouches are designed and tested to maintain the integrity of properly processed devices for up to one year as long as the pouch remains properly sealed, undamaged, and stored at temperatures between 59-95░F (15-35░C), in an environment with relative humidity below 70%.

  • Thick, strong seals protect against cassette and instrument breaches.

  • High quality material construction - medical grade paper provides strength and durability. Multi-layer blue film allows user to easily see any tears in film.

  • Thumb notch allows for easy opening of the pouch.

  • Wide self-seal adhesive strip easily and securely seals pouch to provide reliable seal.

  • Lead free and not made with natural rubber latex. Safe for staff and patients with latex sensitivity or allergies.

  • Available sizes:
    IMS-1346: 57mm x 102mm
    IMS-1347: 70mm x 229mm
    IMS-1348: 133mm x 254mm
    IMS-1345: 330mm x 508mm

    IMS-1236: 89mm x 229mm
    IMS-1237: 190mm x 330mm
    IMS-1238: 254mm x 356mm
    IMS-1239: 305 mm x 432 mm

Download sell sheet for more detailed information about the new Bagette sterilisation pouches.

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